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Online Sampler

Here are the first twelve pages of the first Arrowflight graphic novel. In case you're thinking that I'm doing this to cash in on all the recent attention with the CBC movie and all that, I'll have you know that I've been doing this since 1991 and Dan Ackroyd had nothing to do with it. I have no pretenses about it being anything other than a work of pure fiction and anybody trying to divine some kind of political statement from it should get out more often... 

Suppose one DID get away? 

Suppose there was a LOT more to the Arrow project than even the wildest and wooliest conspiracy buffs dare to speculate? 

What do events fifty thousand years before and fifty-three years after Black Friday have to do with it? 

And WHAT the hell happened to North America and the Middle East anyway? 

Imagine an alternate timeline in which the near-future world is not a nice place. In the wake of economic disaster and a devastating pandemic, North America collapses and falls under the control of a racist and facist theocracy. The Middle East is united under a charismatic but brutal jihad movement with designs not only on the Mediterranean basin but every place their terrorist raiders can possibly reach. Both new powers have revived slavery and international piracy with a vengeance; heavily armed merchant marines, sea convoys and fighter-escorted air traffic are now grim facts of life for the travelling public. In both terror states those who wish to live free exist as small guerilla bands in the countryside and the wilderness. Europe and the Pacific Rim states find themselves under increasing duress and the stakes are raised when the Ayran Covenant prepares to unveil a terrifying new psychoenergetic weapon against which there is no known defense. 

Then hope arrives in a most unusual vehicle, and "vehicle" is the operative term here... 

Two score and sixteen years before this crisis, a small, secretive and ancient society infiltrated Avro Canada and its material suppliers and funneled metals of high Kirlian energy content into the Arrow project. The intrinsic "life-force" of this metal, when combined with the psychic investment of designers and factory workers, created within each of the aircraft a "soul" that when initialized in the proper manner and in just the right geographical location, would leave it no longer an artifact but a fully sapient, autonymous and powerful entity. Of course the people behind this desperate gamble would have very powerful enemies, and once they caught on... well, why do you think that when the whole project was cancelled they tried to destroy everything so utterly? 

But, through means too involved to go into here, one Arrow is spirited away before it becomes torch fodder. After "waking", it is placed in extradimensional stasis so that it can gain strength over time while the bloodline of the pilot to which it has been bonded grows two more generations. The heir to this legacy is Mariah Kopcek, a young guerrilla who has lived and fought in the subarctic forests of Canada since early childhood. When she accidentally and unknowingly breaks the seal that holds the initialized Arrow in stasis, she finds herself in a sometimes rocky symbiotic alliance with a powerful, polymorphous being that is not only the last hope of the free world but is the "twin brother" she never knew she had... 

Current status on issues: 

Arrowflight # 1 - initial run and second printing are sold out, third printing soon. 
Arrowflight #2 - due to a printer's mistake, plenty of those. 
Arrowflight #3 - limited number of initial run copies available . 

Compilation reprint with colour cover and extra content - planned this year or early next; watch this space for details.

Arrowflight graphic novel - The Well and the Whaler's Cat 

After getting aquainted while on the run from Cantrell Regime territory, Mariah and Sky-on-Water run across Easter Island, now surrounded by an impenetrable psychokinetic barrier - impenetrable, that is, except to them...On this island they discover a society isolated for twelve years, a stranded space shuttle crew, and surprising secrets that have been waiting for them all along, ones that will determine the future for both of them. What happened to Mariah's mother? Is Sky as desolately alone as he now believes he is? What does a little striped puddy-tat have to do with all this? Are you screaming yet? 

Parts 1 & 2 are now available, 56 pp., $3.50 ea. Zap me for details .