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The Arrowhead Purity Test

Do you have what it takes to be one of the few...the proud...the insane?!?


Give yourself one point for every item that is true of you.

  1. Heard about the Arrow
  2. Saw pictures of it
  3. Have pictures of it
  4. Have at least one buff book
  5. Have more than one buff book
  6. Have T-shirt or other item bearing its image (the LaBush Skywear mousepad is a real attention-getter!
  7. Have seen it on TV/Video
  8. Saw the recent CBC miniseries
  9. Caught every flaw in the CBC miniseries
  10. Have/assembled model of the Arrow
  11. Caught the flaw in the Hobbycraft model
  12. Corrected that flaw, with much sweat and even more profanity :P
  13. Pray daily for Diefenbaker's internment in Hell
  14. Spend an inordinate amount of time playing possibly obscene word games with Diefenbaker's name
  15. Wince in postcognitive empathic agony at the sight of a blowtorch
  16. Know somebody who knows somebody who worked on the project
  17. Made a pilgrimage to Malton just for the hell of it
  18. Went to the museum in Ottawa just for a chance to see and touch the sacred relic of the nose
  19. Actually suceeded in touching it :)
  20. Have a tiny fragment of the Poor Damned Beast
  21. Visited Diefy's grave site just to scream unprintable phrases at it
  22. "Annointed" the grave (heh-heh!)
  23. Got a friend or a dog to do it if you happen to be female
  24. Went to Winnipeg last summer just to try to catch a glimpse of the mockup they used for the movie

    Give yourself five points or more for each of these:

  25. Know someone firsthand who worked on the project
  26. Have somebody's autograph
  27. Have a piece bigger than a smidgen of a fragment
  28. Have actual drawings/blueprints/other relics (copies counted)
  29. Worked on buff books/videos/other media
  30. Do artwork/writing about it
  31. Spend a good deal of your time on it
  32. Drive family/friends/spouses crazy with it
  33. Name your pets after people involved
  34. Name your children after people involved
  35. Have held a seance to try to bring the Arrow back from the dead
  36. Made a home handicraft project out of turning Dief's likeness into a dartboard/gun target (other suggestions from visitors: Punching bag, voodoo doll, urinal target, crash test dummy, rodeo clown's barrel, chew toy for Rottweillers, lure for Great White Sharks, trick towel, dead gerbil extractor and "sea whistle" - if you don't know what the last three are already, don't ask! It will gross you out!)
  37. Working on a John Diefenbaker Fun Page for the web
  38. Make prank/obscene phone calls to the Progressive Conservative Party every February 20th
  39. Crash their server every Feb. 20
  40. Working on a "Black Friday" commemoration virus >:)
  41. Plan to turn the @#!! loose on the Tories' computers at the first opportunity :)
    New Additions - Thanks to our contributors!
  42. Writing a song about it
  43. Have fuselage markings for an Arrow, all ready to be stuck on
  44. Would like a hot bowl of soup made from Diefy's leg bone
  45. Looking for parts of the Arrow at the old site
  46. Get mopy every February. Scowl if people ask you if it's because that's the month that Buddy Holly died (same month and year and only a few days' difference in the date. Quel coincidence!)
  47. Member of the Canadian Aerospace Heritage Society
  48. Will never vote Tory again as long as you live

    Extra Credit (Optional)

  49. Saw the Arrow with your own eyes
  50. Put your ass or career on the line to save something from it at that time
  51. Friends with Jim Floyd, any of the engineers or test pilots, etc.
  52. Confronted Dief personally about the matter
  53. Flipped him off >:)
  54. Enjoyed it
  55. Worked on the mockup for the movie
  56. Was in the movie
  57. Working on the Arrow 2000 Project
  58. Diving for free flight test models in Lake Ontario
  59. Was the good person at Hobbycraft who, distressed by the collective burst of profanity from Arrowhead modellers, finally corrected that critical flaw in their model kit!
  60. You work for a special event planning service. You're about to quit anyway and you don't give a damn. Your last task is to book the entertainment for the latest Tory party convention. What the hell, get'em Marilyn Manson!
  61. Got a few open-minded friends to conduct naked Satanic rituals on John Diefenbaker's gravesite in the middle of the night, took fuzzy polaroids (just fuzzy enough to make identification of individuals difficult, make sure they are not area residents but from WAY the hell outta town) and tacked them up various places...(only for those with a heavy-duty hate-on and stainless-steel chutzpah, not to mention a good lawyer and lots of bail money. Don't leave any fingerprints or saliva on the pictures either!)DON'T BLAME ME IF THIS OFFENDS YOU, IT WASN'T MY IDEA!

New suggestions welcome!!!