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This is an updated version of Malton the 'Toon Airplane God, my FurryMUCK character, who hangs out in the Calumny, Libation and Vilification room with his evil-minded pals mocking tasteless character descriptions, putrid poses, things better left unseen that masquerade as 'art', misplaced political correctness (Seig Smile!) and other  pretenses and perversions of MUCKdom. He's always ready for a good row... so give him a @#$!! Guinness already!

Malton in a group pic with other regulars at the Calumny Tavern on FurryMUCK, mocking political correctness, hypocracy and moral turptitude. Yes, I believe there is right and wrong, moral and immoral, and that foolish behavior, not to mention lack of common sense and self-control, has consequences. What goes around comes around like a nasty STD. The excercise of free speech in derision of such tomfoolery (If you've been there you know exactly what it is!) as I have witnessed online is one of those consequences, baby!

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